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Sustainable apart-hotel in South Tyrol

We love the world

There’s no second Earth, and no plan B – that’s why we take such an all-encompassing approach to sustainability here in our hotel. Whether it’s by using regionally-sourced products in the kitchen, generating renewable energy or projects to replant deforested areas – we do our bit.

  • Sustainable architecture
    Our Movi Family Apart-Hotel is a class-A green building, also known as an NZEB (nearly zero energy building). That means minimum heating energy requirements and maximum comfort – now that’s a new way of living life to the full!
  • Green energy
    Part of electricity and heat derives from a natural gas co-generator with very low emissions and from local green-energy providers. Furthermore, the centralized system favors the recovery of heat from the refrigerators, which is reused for heating the water in the kitchens.
  • Regional products
    Practically all the ingredients and products that we use in our aparthotel are the bounty of our lands. We believe that quality trumps quantity – and you can taste the difference.
  • Nature-friendly cosmetics
    In the bathrooms of the apartments there is a body care line suitable for children as well as adults. Movi Family offers in the courtesy line shower dispensers with ecological packaging to reduce plastic.
  • EV-mobility
    In our underground garage you will find an EV charging station for cars and bikes. We also offer our guests e-bike rental.
  • “Road to Zero Emission”
    Reforestation is a matter that is dear to our hearts. That is why we are so committed to this project.